• Written a book on “Status of Tribal Child Health in India” published by IAP Committee on Tribal child health.
  • A chapter inText book of Adolescent Health by Dr. Swati Bhave-Yoga for Adolescents
  • A chapter inCourse Manual for Adolescent Health– Indian Perspective- “Normal Psychosocial Development of Adolescent
  • A chapter in IAP Text book of Pediatricsby Dr. A. Parthasarthy – National programs related to child health.
  • A chapter in Text book of social Pediatricsby Dr. Satya Gupta-Tribal Child Health in India.
  • A chapter in Text book of Medico Legal Science by Dr. Satish Tiwari-“Medical Ethics”.
  • An article in Adolescent Care (Workshop & Symposium) – “Role of Adolescent Girl in Development of Early Childhood”.
  • An article in Indian Pediatrics – “Attitude of Infant Feeding among Practicing Doctors”.
  • A research paper under publication“Efficacy of Yoga and Preksha Meditation on Asthma in Adolescents and Children”. (A thesis for PhD.)
  • More than 500 articles published in Hindi and other languages in different magazines and newspapers all over the country
  • A Weekly Health Column Writer in daily newspaper since last 40 years
  • Adolescent Health Academy of India Oration Award 2011 at Calicut “Status and Strategies for
    Adolescent Tribal Health
    ”. (Adolescon 2011).
  • A presentation on the theme of the conference at National Conference on Tribal Health in Central
    India – Issues and Challenges- “ The Unseen face of Tribal Health”. (Bastar, Chhattisgarh. September 2011).
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  • “ Status & Strategy for Tribal Adolescent in India- on 14th
    September 2012 at Calicut, Dr. Swati Bhave & MKC Nair Oration Award by Adolescent Health Academy.
  • Interacted with more than 50,000 Adolescent girls and boys throughout the country regarding their physical, mental, educational and social well being.