Dr. Pukhraj Bafna is a consultant pediatrician and Adolescent counselor. He is an eminent medical scientist, an excellent medical researcher, a famous medical teacher, an innovative health educationist, a national faculty trainer, a popular column writer, a devoted social worker, a renowned health activist and an outstanding organizer. Dr. Bafna is widely recognized across the country for his extensive and exhaustive work on Tribal child Health and Adolescent health.

Born on 12th January 1946 in a tribal village,Gatapaar of Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh. Dr.Bafna did MBBS, DCH and MD in Pediatrics from NSB Medical College, Jabalpur and PhD. from JVB University, Rajasthan on Efficacy of Yoga & Preksha meditation on childhood and adolescent asthma. This is a pioneer work and of its own kind. He is a Fellow of Indian Academy of Pediatrics and International college of Pediatrics.

Dr.Bafnas book on “Status of Tribal Child Health in India” has depicted the picture of Tribal Child health in different parts of the country with probable solutions. He has travelled in almost all tribal regions of India. His book has been duly recognized by CAB International UK- an Inter governmental organization to dissiminate scientific knowledge world wide.
Dr. Bafna has visited & organized camps at far distant areas of Tribal Population for research and study and organised national conference on Tribal Child Health. Dr. Bafna is rendering medical and social services for 150 Orphan children who lost their parents killed by naxalites in Tribal areas of Bastar in Salwajudoom.

Dr.Bafna is doing Operational research on Adolescent Health since last three decades. Uptil now more than 4 lakhs Adolescent girls and boys have been interacted by Dr. Bafna throughout the country empowering them with life skills and family life education. He has written many chapters on Adolescent Health in different medical text books and National & International magazines. He has conducted state, national and International seminars, workshops and training programmes on Adolescent care for doctors, educationists, teachers and NGO’s in different corners of the country. Mission Kishore uday of Indian Academy of Pediatrics is a brain child of Dr. Bafna, which has been conducted in 55 cities of India.

Dr.Bafna is the only Health column writer in India, writing every week since last 44 years uninterrupted in daily newspapers and magazines. His activity on health education also includes conduction of more than 500 child health camps in remote and distant tribal rural areas. He has written more than 500 scientific, medical and health articles published in English, Hindi and other languages in different magazines and newspapers all over the country. He has been a part of conduction of health programmes in many channels of electronic media.

Nominee is continuing his academic activities through researches. He is the chairman of ethical committee of national biomedical research on malaria by ICMR and chairman ethical committee for ongoing researches in medical college Rajnandgaon.

He has been invited in state planning commission and has been advisor to many provincial committees on health plannings and programmes.
The main thrust of activities of the nominee are on Tribal child health, Adolescent health, Prevention of malnutrition, prevention of blindness, sickle cell anemia control programme, health education through media, School health initiative ,Promotion of Yogic sciences in the modern medical world etc. He has devoted more than 4 decades, half of his life for the service of downtroddens and sick humanity. His work has been need based and problem oriented. The beneficiaries are innumerable.

He has been invited to deliver three oration awards, the highest academic honour given to a medical scientist. He has presented more than 150 papers in many state, national, International conferences since last 4 decades.

He has three world records at his credit in Golden book of World Records for the only book on status of tribal child health, for authoring health column for longest time and unique research for PhD. which is a rare achievement.

He has organized many state and national conferences as organizing chairman, Secretary. He has chaired many academic sessions and presided over many conferences. No national conference on pediatrics is complete without presentation of Dr. Bafna.
Dr. Bafna has adopted a tribal village and a school in the remote rural area of unprivileged students for its complete development and upliftment.

Dr.Bafna is a glittering star of medical galaxy of India, his academic, scientific and social activities still continues providing far reaching results. He is recipient of many prestigious awards. He has been conferred the coveted National “Padmashri Award” by the President of India in 2011.


Dr.Bafna devoted more than 4 decades of life for cause of pediatrics,adolescent and tribal child health.Three world records are rare achievements. His book on Status of Tribal child health became reference book resulting in awareness, programming,planning,upliftment of tribal child health, Authoring uninterrupted health column for 44 years provided health education to very big population,Research on Yoga and childhood asthma opened the doors for further researches.This gave him chairmanship of ethical research committees of ICMR and medical college.Prevention of malnutrition campaign brought the rate from 47 to 29 percent.School health initiative achieved academic and health excellence in unprivileged population preventing blindness and cataract.Project Sickle achieved awareness saving coming generation.Authoring chapters in Textbooks and medical magazines with hundreds of presentation in different medical topics in National and International platforms established Dr. Bafna as an author and speaker par excellence.Rehabilitation of 150 Naxalite affected orphans is a yeomen humanitarian service. Adoption of Tribal village brought overall upliftment of health education, sanitation and an example to follow.Activities on street children,Juvenile justice,polio eradication,disabled children and media participation achieved enhancement in health status of innumerable population,the biggest achievement awarded him Padmashri.

(i) State

Academic Excellence Award by Indian Academy of Pediatrics,Best paper presentation Award by Indian Medical Association,Samaj Gaurav Samman by Uvasagraham Nagpura,Pragya Prahari Samman for educational services,Late Rajendra Singh Ajit Singh Kothari Award for best services in Medical field,Anvarat Sewa Samman by Udayachal for prevention of blindness,Chhattisgarh Gaurav Samman by Rotary International,Jain Ratna Award for best medical social services,Samaj Ratna Shri Award by Mahavir International, Felicitated by Governor of Chhattisgarh,Chief Minister Chhattisgarh, Speaker Vidhan Sabha Chhattisgarh,Different Medical,Social and cultural organizations.

(ii) National

PADMASHRI by President of India 2011, National Dr.C.T Thakkar Award for Best community Services by Indian Medical Association, Mahaveer and Mahatma Award for best community services by Times of India and BJS, Fellowship Award by Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Fellowship Award by International College of Pediatrics Finland, National Dhanwantri Award by Chikitsa Sansaar,Highest Academic Oration Awards . A. 10th World Congress Oration by NARCHI at Nagpur. B. Dr.Swati Bhave MKC Nair Oration by Adolescent Health Academy at Calicut. C. Dr.D.S Dave Oration by Indian Academy of Pediatrics at Raipur, Felicitations By Past President Dr. Abdul Kalaam for Academic Excellence at Kolkata 2013, By Chief Minister of Haryana for Medical Excellence 2011,By State Minister of Kerala for Academic Excellence 2011, By Indian Academy of Pediatrics 2011,By Vice Chancellor of JVB University,Rajasthan, Rajiv Gandhi Samajik Sadbhavna Puraskar by Rajeev Fans Club.

(iii) International

Rare Achiever of Three World Records A.Authoring Health Column for Longest period 44 years. B.The only book on Status of Tribal Child Health. C.Unique Research and Oldest to Earn Doctorate. BECON International Award for best work on diabetes awareness,International President Gold Medal Awards Twice for Best Community services by Lions International President.

Contribution to the Field-

Work in Pediatrics, Adolescent Science and Tribal Child Health is Nationwide,innovative,problem oriented and need based.Contributed towards child welfare,child health education,research on tribal child health,interaction with more than 4 lakhs adolescents empowering for their life skills.Prevention of blindness, sickle cell control, polio eradication, parent education, prevention of malnutrition is exemplary. Pioneer work and operational research on Adolescent medicine brought it to limelight.His efforts recognized Adolescent Health as subspeciality.Researches on child nutrition, tribal child health,have specific roles in prevention of malnutrition,improvement of tribal health,better planning and implementation.Research on Yoga on childhood asthma is unique,inspiration for further research.Chairing ethical committees of ICMR and Medical College is distinct honour.Chapters in text books of Pediatrics,Adolescent medicine,Social Pediatrics and Medico legal science are immensely important for medical students.Book on tribal child health,a milestone and first reference book,recognized internationally.Organized,conducted State,National,International,workshops,Training programmes,conferences with tremendous impact on medical world.Oration awards are highest academic honour.National conferences of Pediatrics or Adolescent medicine are incomplete without his presentation.Three World Records on different fields of medicine are golden feathers.
Contribution to the Society-

Services mostly related for benefits to weaker section of community viz. Tribals,SC,ST and Girl child.Brought awareness,health education,parenting skills,Empowering girls and prevention of malnutrition.A legendary figure,stalwart social scientist,devoted life for service of community and country particularly Child, Adolescent,Tribal population.Tribal child health project provided new sight for services to downtrodden,Rehabilitating 150 naxalite affected orphans is felt need humananitarian service.Authoring uninterrupted health column for 44 years,a world record health education to innumerable people.School health initiative,tremendously impacted on health and academic excellence.More than 500 child health camps on prevention of malnutrition brought down rate from 47 to 29.Prevention of blindness campaign to make this area cataractfreezone.Subjects on yoga research leading quality life.Interaction with more than 4 lakhs adolescents provided guidance,inspiration and life skills.Mission Kishore Uday benefitted thousands of adolescents with family life education and academic excellence,trained Adolescents of six states.Project sickle provided awareness for future generation.Adoption of underprivileged childrens school and remote tribal village provided new life in education,nutrition,sanitation,growth and upliftment.Innumerable prestigious awards including PADMASHRI are mirror of commendable services with impact on society.