Dr.Pukhraj Bafna had been writting a column on Health in daily “Sabera Sanket” newspaper since 1974 till to date (40years) weekly without any gap. This is the only column written by one person in one subject (Health) in one paper since 4 decades. There is no other match. In others either the column changes or stops, or the writer or subject changes but not so regular without any gap for such a long time. I have all those paper cuttings since 1974.

He had also written a book on “Status of Tribal Child Health in India”. This is the only book on tribal child health and is reference book now. CABS International of England, an Institution which distributes Medical Knowledge to whole of the world has recognized this book.This book was published by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

My research is Unique. The Topic of my research was “Efficacy of Yoga & Preksha Meditation on Children’s and Adolescent Asthma”. Lot of work has been done on adults asthma but this is the only and unique research done on children and adolescents asthma. He had been awarded PhD on this research. He had represented India during SAARC countries Child specialist Round Table conference. He had many chapters in Medical textbookss of National & International Repute.

Above were the basis of my “Padmashree” award also in 2011. I have received “National Dhanwantri Award “this year.